What do you do when sh** hits the fan? Are you calm, cool, collected?

I sure as heck was not when I was younger. In fact, I pretty much panicked and blacked out in stressful situations. 

My mind was incapable of rational thought…or any thought. I couldn’t hear or comprehend what others were saying to me. I just…froze.

As I grew older, I was able to practice my stress response, mostly in situations and fights brought about by my ex-husband. I finally started unfreezing and spitting out my words. But my response was immediate and unedited…the first thoughts that came to mind with absolutely no filter applied. 

My unedited responses were almost worse than freezing, because I almost always wanted to take back what I said after giving the situation more thought. I knew that if I had just worded it differently, my point could have been better conveyed, and likely better received.

But every confrontation improved my stress response, one inch at a time. And after ten years of panicking and stumbling through stressful situations, I began to panic less and less. Today, I can finally remain calm and collected in nearly every situation that I face.

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